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Basic Region



The program is divided into 4 main regions:







Site Management

The Page Shop is not designed for only as page designer, but a site builder. So site management is very important to know.


The basic function of site management is page management, you can add, remove, cut, copy, paste, clone pages from the "site view" or the "site" menu of the main menu. 


The very important thing should know is that the site also has properties. You can show the site properties by clicking the menu "show site properties" from main menu "site", or by clicking the site item in the "site view", or by clicking the left first button of the toolbar of the "site view".


Just like "Site", each "Page" also has properties, and if you compare them, they are almost same. But the site properties will affect to all pages within the site, page properties only affect one page. If the property is set for both "page" and "site", the property of "page" will affect. In other words, the page properties have higher Priority than site properties.


What you can do in site/page properties ?






Insert Block
There are two types of blocks, the "Block" and the "Page Width Block".



To insert a block, first click menu "Insert", "Insert Block", after that, the program will enter "Insert Mode", when you move mouse into "main region", you will notice the cursor has turned into a cross. Then just click the left mouse button, and hold it and drag it untill you get the rectangle region you want. After you released the mouse button, the block will be inserted at the same place you have dragged. Another way to insert block is just do a single click in the "main region", then a block will be inserted at the mouse click position with default width and height.





Site has properties, Each page of site also has properties, of course, every widget has properties.


For Site, click on the site in "Site View", or click the "Show Site Property" button on the toolbar of "Site View", or use "Site" menu "Show Site Property".


For Page, click on the page in "Page View", or click the "Show Page Property" button on the toolbar of "Page View", or use the "Page" menu "Show Page Property". Notice: click page in "Site View" will only active the page, not show the property of that page.


For Widget, click on the widget in "Page View", or click the widget in "The Main Region", there are many ways to show widget properties, try find out by yourself.


Because PageShop supports 77 different properties for Block widget, for advanced widget, the properties number is larger. To simplify it, we defined some less usage properties to be advanced properties. To show or hide advanced properties, please use the menu "View" "Show Advanced Properties".


Nearly every property has a related CSS style. For example, "padding-left" is related to CSS style "padding-left", if you don't know what it works for, just search for "css" + properties name in any search engine. Also on the bottom of the properties region, it will show hints for each property.


Click here to see a full screen shot of all 77 properties





Widget is a fragment of html css, javascript code with customizable properties. That's a technical description, to be more friendly, a widget is just the basic element to form a web page.


By clicking menu "Insert", "Show Widget List", you can see a dialog with all supported widgets in it. It's the easiest way to know how widgets can do in PageShop. Inserting widget is just the same as inserting Block.





External Fonts


It's very easy to add external fonts to web site.


By click menu "Site", "Add External Font", on the "Edit Data" dialog, click "New" button to add a new item, then give the new added font a name, which will be used when you want to set any text to that font in inplace edit or properties. Then point the file to the font file you want to add.



After added an external font, you can use it in inplace edit "Font" list or in property "font family". The name you have given to the font will be shown here, use it in the way of using any pre-defined font.


Data Dialog


In PageShop, you may often see this dialog, the Data Dialog.



Here list some of the typical usage:


This is the mainly usage of Data Dialog, for example, you can edit the menu text of a navigation widget. If the navigation widget support menu, the data edit dialog will support tree data management, or it will just support list data management.


If you wang to add external files, no matter external css or javascript or font, you will see a data dialog, you can refer to the "External Fonts" section to learn how to use it.



Export and make site alive


To export site, you will need to specify a directory for the exported web page files to save to, you can specify any directory, but make sure it's an empty one, cause export site action will remove all contents in that directory first.


You have three ways to trigger the site export action.


After the site is exported, the directory where the site is exported to will be opened automatically. Typically, there are some htm files and some directory. You need to upload all of them to your site host.
The built-in site uploader is still under development, and will be released with the next version. So before that, please find a ftp uploader to upload the files to your site host. We recommend using freeware FileZilla. If you get any question related site uploading, please send us an email or post on our forum. 


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