The professional web site builder for everyone !

Drag & Drop Layout Engine


With Drag & Drop Layout Engnie, it is so easy to do web page layout design.




Visual CSS Support


Full implement CSS 2.1 properties and some of the important CSS 3.0 properties.





Inplace Edit function


Double click on a widget will trigger inplace editing function, which is very handy and straight.






Powerful Widgets


With more than 27 unique powerful widgets included, it has never been so easy to create expressive web site content.






Share Widgets between Pages


By sharing widgets between pages, you can make all pages have same header and footer content and style, whenever you change it in one page and all other page will synchronize automatically.





Add New Font Easily


Personalized font is a great thing to change the apperance of web site, it has never been so easy to use non-standard font in your web site designing.


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